Storm Water Management Services

A well thought out comprehensive storm water management program helps provide a better approach to storm water issues. Not only does this master planning provide answers to storm water problems, it also identifies the causes. A comprehensive assessment yields a “big picture” view of the magnitude of watershed problems and allows for more effective resource allocation.

Hydraulics, Hydrology & Water Quality

Today’s storm water programs require the use of state-of-the-art hydrologic and hydraulic models that accurately predict how the watershed reacts to a rainfall event. Lewis Land Professionals can calculate these predictions and engineer projects to safely accommodate them.

New Dams and Rehabilitation

As a result of national initiatives on dam safety, most of the dams in the United States have been classified based on their size and hazard to downstream areas. Lewis Land Professionals provides analysis, design, and construction permitting services for new dam construction, rehabilitation, and repair.

Engineering/Surveying Water Management Projects:

  • Carol-Jane Lake Dam
  • Champagne Shores Dam
  • Loyal Oak Park Dam
  • Montville Lakes Dam
  • Ravens Wood Lake Dam
  • Willow Lake Park Dam


  • National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
  • Program Development and Compliance
  • Watershed Modeling and Master Planning
  • Infrastructure Inventory and Maintenance Prioritization
  • Capital Improvement Design and Construction Administration
  • Ordinance, Design Manual, and Operations and Maintenance Procedures Development
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Roadway Drainage
  • Hydrologic Modeling, Analysis, and Design
  • FEMA
  • Flood Insurance Studies
  • Flood Control/Protection Analysis and Design
  • Dam Inspection
  • Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) Analysis for Spillway Capacity Evaluation
  • Concrete Spillway Rehabilitation/Repair Design
  • New Earth Dam Design
  • Lake Drain Design
  • Construction Permit Application Preparation
  • Environmental Permit Application Preparation
  • Emergency Action Plan Preparation
  • Operations and Maintenance Manual Preparation

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