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David H. Lewis - Professional Engineer

David H. Lewis, P.E.

President - Professional Engineer

David Lewis, Owner and President of Lewis Land Professionals, Inc., has over thirty years civil engineering experience. His diverse background in municipal service engineering, community planning, and land development has enabled David the ability to confidently manage Lewis Land Professionals from its beginning.

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Jason S. Brenner - Professional Engineer

Jason S. Brenner, P.E.

Vice President - Professional Engineer

Jason Brenner, Owner and Vice President of Lewis Land Professionals, Inc., with over twenty years of experience exposing him to the many facets of land development. Jason has the ability to manage a project from inception through construction whether it is a small rural residential subdivision to a complex multi-family urban development; a single site commercial project or a commercial/business/industrial park.

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Joseph A. Burgoon - Professional Surveyor

Joseph A. Burgoon, P.S.

Vice President - Professional Surveyor

Joseph Burgoon, Owner and Vice President of Lewis Land Professionals, Inc., has over twenty years of experience.  Joe has developed a broad background in all aspects of surveying including construction, boundary, topographic, subdivision and ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys; right-of-way determination; machine control and site calibrations.

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